Who are we?

Panoramic Learning’s tutors are Dutch, multi-lingual, and reside in multiple countries globally. Our tutors understand that language and culture go hand in hand, and have experienced the challenges of an international move. 

Panoramic Learning believes that a foundational knowledge of grammar is essential to learning a language well. The curriculum is chosen accordingly in addition to providing a lot of cultural information. This is key to living and integrating in today’s Dutch society. The extensive language-learning, teaching, and international experience of the tutors, along with their flexibility, creates an environment in which a lot of attention is given to current events, daily news, and Dutch holidays and traditions, beyond simply learning the language.

Panoramic Learning’s highly organized and flexible program guides students every step of the way. We make learning the Dutch language and its culture a pleasurable and unique educational experience.

Our tutors live on different continents and in different time zones, allowing for flexible planning of lesson times for our clients.